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Camino Le Puy 2018

The call of the trail has struck again!

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500km Camino Primitivo 2016

At mile 0.00 in Finesterre, Spain

Following my deeply meaningful experience on the Camino Frances in 2015 I knew that I was not done. I craved more inner exploration, and I had not had time to walk to Finesterra on the Atlantic.  I needed to experience the sun setting there for a sense of completion. Therefore, knowing that I would be in Europe again for the INEH conference in 2016, I made plans to hike the physically challenging and beautiful Camino Primitivo.


My 2016 hike began in Oviedo, Spain and took me over the northern mountain range through Santiago to the Atlantic villages of Finnesterra (once thought to be the end of the earth) and Muxia. This walk offered the completion that I desired.


Once again I kept a journal this time using the Wordpress website. The link below will take you to the blog that starts on the last day of my 22 days in Spain and goes backward. If you prefer to start at the beginning of the trip, scroll down to September 7 and read the entries in reverse order.


As I got in shape so I wasn’t so exhausted at night and became more adept at using Wordpress, my entries grew in length and included photos of the stunning variety of landscapes along the way. I met many citizens of Spain, Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South America including a few English speakers. I also had the privilege to meet people who were a part of the history-making events of the Velvet Revolution in the Czech Republic and fall of the Berlin Wall in Germany.  I hope you enjoy the journal.

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800km Camino Frances 2015

In the fall of 2015, with a full backpack and a joyful heart, I walked the 500-mile Camino Frances, a 1000-year old pilgrim trail across northern Spain. You may have seen the Hollywood film, “The Way,” with Martin Sheen.

The trip took me 38 days including a rest day. Beginning August 26 in St. Jean Pied-de-Port France, I traveled solo with the intent to be in the moment as much as possible and explore my Oneness with the other pilgrims on the trail and all of life. Some evenings I wrote home to family and friends via email.

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Pilgrim Monument at the Alto del Perdón

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