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Energy Healing Course

The International Network of Energy Healing (INEH) course welcomes all who are curious about energy and how it affects health and consciousness. The four classes that compose the course introduce the student to the human energy field in Part 1, focus on microcosm of the individual in Part 2 and take it to universal energy in Part 3. Part 4 deepens the the students understanding of healing.  Techniques are taught and practiced which form the basis for a Science of Healing in the energy field. Emphasis is on training the higher intuition.



Course Requirements


Course work is presented in four parts or classes, each requiring a seminar intensive of four to five days. Classes, taught at 6-month intervals, are balanced with lectures, discussion, practical instruction, and group meditation. Successful completion of all four parts will total 120 – 125 hours of coursework and application. A mentoring program that ultimately provides certification is offered following completion of each class.


No previous experience in body work or the healing arts is needed to learn or practice Esoteric Healing.

In Course I, participants learn to work with etheric energy and its centers. This field is an exact replica of the human body and is organized around the seven centers. It provides the “electrical charge” for the body.


In this class you will learn:

  • How to perceive and increase sensitivity to the human subtle energy field

  • Aligning and attuning

  • Physical and energetic anatomy

  • Sensing and balancing the field, its centers, organs and systems

  • Characteristics of the centers

  • Causes of health and disease




For your convenience, payment may be made online with PayPal, using either your PalPal account, or Credit Card.  Full payment is due on or before the first day of class.

To pay by check, click here.


  • Cancellations made up to two weeks prior to start date: Your payment minus the $50.00 deposit will be refunded.

  • Cancellations made two weeks or less prior to start date: No refunds granted

  • If class is cancelled by your teacher: Full refund will be issued




Privacy Policy

We will never share, sell, or rent your personal information.

Course I:  Introduction to Esoteric Healing










September 14 - 17, 2017


9:30am to 5:30pm each day

Enosburgh Vermont (directions provided upon registration)



Register with a friend and you each save $50 on your class fee

Repeat Fee:  $100.00 for those who have taken the class before

A $50.00 non-refundable deposit reserves your space.

Balance is due on or before first day of class.

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