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What is Energy Healing?

I have used Esoteric Healing for myself and my family over the past several years for various issues: as simple as low energy, anxiety, and just feeling "out of sorts" all the way to more serious complaints such as extreme joint swelling, diagnosis of masses on scans, and panic attacks.
Approximately a year and a half ago I had unexplained joint pain and swelling that was so severe I literally had to crawl to the bathroom in the morning for a full week until I could soak in the warm tub long enough to be mobile. Claudia worked on my energy and found numerous areas that needed attention, and after approximately 3-4 visits my condition went away entirely and has never come back. During this time I chose to forego all medication except for the occasional advil when I was desperate. I chose this mode of care because masking my symptoms with steroids made no sense to me since there had to obviously be an underlying cause that needed addressed. I would highly recommend Claudia's work for anyone that believes in the body's innate capacity to heal once interference to the mechanism is reduced.
Another amazing result we received with EH was for our son. He had a bad fall at a play ground and when we took him to the ER they diagnosed him with some internal bruising/tears via a CT scan. The scan noticed an unrelated mass on his adrenal gland and this is what they were obviously more concerned with than the bruising which they felt would heal on its own. I called Claudia, she worked on Ethan during 2-3 sessions, we waited a week to get a 2nd, more specific CT scan of that region, and the mass was gone. I truly feel once Ethan's energy flow was normally re-established that his body went about healing the region without the need for any other modalities.
Our family is healthier and happier because of Claudia's EH work.


~Laura Skaates, D.C.

   Skaates Family Chiropractic,


Energy Healing is a complementary healing practice used to treat the body’s energy field.  Although you do not usually think of yourself as an energy field, all aspects of life are made up of atoms.  All the atoms in your body are tiny energy sources, so all combined they create a significant energy source. Your electromagnetic energy field can be photographed with Kirlian cameras.


Your energy field is made up of many kinds of energy. Just as your ears do not hear the high-pitched sounds that dogs can hear, your eyes do not see all the energy in your energy field. The types of energy in your field are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. When these are in balance, you feel healthy and peaceful.


Illness or dis-ease, which is an indication that a person’s energy is out of balance, first appears as a density or block in the energy field.  If left unattended over time, it manifests in the physical body.  If you keep your energy fully vitalized and clear of blocks, you stay healthier.


Energy Healing is only done with the verbal permission of the person receiving treatment as well as the permission of their soul. It can be thought of as focused prayer.  The Energy Healing therapist facilitates the flow of the person’s own healing energies to the centers, organs, and systems in need.


Energy Healing works well in conjunction with other healing methods such as traditional medicine, massage, physical therapy and chiropractic.

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Energy Follows Thought

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