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Meet Claudia



Claudia Rose, BS, MA, has a passion for teaching She has taught swimming, mathematics and early childhood in preschools and colleges. Early in her career she learned that to she had to have fun and also be learning as she taught. This need keeps her classes fresh and intellectually lively.


A lover of adventure, Claudia spends many hours in the out of doors. Hiking, tracking, bicycling, swimming and skiing are some of her favorite pastimes. She loves to travel and has bicycled from her home in northern Vermont to the Pacific, traveled in Europe and Asia, and hiked the 800km Camino Pilgrim Trail in Spain in 2015 as well as the 500km Camino Primitivo in 2016 solo.

Her cycling and hiking adventures are physical examples of her greatest adventure, her inner journey of self discovery. It was her need to know how life works that led her to Energy Healing and finding her purpose in teaching this life-changing work.


Join Claudia in an adventure of healing and self-empowerment by scheduling an appointment or registering for an Introduction to Energy Healing class.

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