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Receiving an Energy Healing Treatment

We all share a common energy source that enlivens us. When we are fully open to this source energy, we thrive. As the stressors of life cause us to constrict or disallow the energy to flow fully, we may experience disease. The physical body is an expression of the state of our recent past energy alignment.

Energy Healing seeks to identify and heal

the energetic cause of disease which manifests in the physical body.
It is not intended to cure symptoms; however, they often respond to the work.

Energy blocks build up over time creating distortions in the body's field. This is analogous to how physical stress and tensions create the body's unique posture as the stressors become habitual. Initially 3-5 sessions may be needed to gently encourage the energy field to flow and maintain new health producing patterns. As blocked areas are released the energy formerly being used to maintain that blockage becomes available for more productive purposes and the receiver may feel increased focus and vitality.

Sessions last approximately one hour including time for conversation before and after treatment. The receiver may be seated or lying down and need only be willing to maintain a receptive attitude

Energy Healing treatments are done entirely within the energy field.  Therefore, sessions can be done with the therapist and client in the same room or in far separate locations.

Energy Healing combines effectively with traditional medicine and complementary practices such as massage and physical therapy.

All organs, glands, muscles, and systems respond to the work.

Your body is designed

to heal itself.

The ability of the body to maintain its health and overcome illness is, in fact, among nature’s most remarkable feats.

But you’ve been placed in a world that systematically interferes with this natural capacity, and your conscious involvement in your health is required if you are to truly prosper.


Who could benefit from an Energy Healing treatment?

Interested in becoming an

Energy Healing practitioner?


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Introduction to Energy Healing

being taught regularly by Claudia

What happens in a long-distance Energy Healing session?

Those experiencing:

  • Emotional stress, tension, anxiety, or PTSD

  • Any medical issues such as digestive, respiratory, circulation

  • A busy, overactive mind and/or nervous system

  • Intense ongoing sadness or worry

  • Chronic illness

  • Depression


Energy Healing is also helpful for:

  • Persons interested in preventative medicine

  • Post injury recovery

  • Long distance support during or before surgery

  • Those on a conscious spiritual path

The session begins by your calling Claudia at the scheduled time. She will have read the Personal Intent form (see below) that accompanied your request for an appointment. You will be given time to discuss your goals for the session.


You both hang up, at which time you make yourself comfortable either lying down or sitting in a chair.


Claudia then proceeds to work on your energy. Her goal is to first detect and then help facilitate the release of the identified cause of the issue you have discussed with her.


During the treatment you may experience sensations such as vibrations, heat, cold, pressure, or see colors or pictures. Many have no physical sensations. However, almost everyone feels a sense of deep relaxation as the work proceeds.

When the work is complete, Claudia will call or email you to let you know your session has ended and answer questions you may have.

Each treatment session lasts approximately one hour including time for conversation before and after. Treatment fee is $70.00.


Simply fill out the following short form, click the Send button. You will see an acknowledgement that your form was sent, and you will be returned to this page where you can submit your payment. Claudia will respond within 48 hours to set up your appointment date and time.
If you only wish to ask a question or leave a comment, no need to submit payment!


Contact Claudia now for an Appointment

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Or Contact  Claudia with any questions.

Treatment Appointment

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